IDENTIFY and VALIDATE vital hose connections, take CONTROL through smart INSIGHTS

No more worries thanks to Imbema Asset Solutions’ smart app


The Flamingo app provides valuable insight into your hose’s usage history, showing you quickly when, how long, what for and where on your plant it has been used.


The Flamingo app checks whether the correct hose has been connected for the job. There’s no need to wait for an additional check, allowing the process to continue faster.


Checking with the Flamingo app prevents the wrong hose from being connected, thereby preventing unsafe situations from arising as a result of human error.


The Flamingo app provides insight into your hose’s operating hours. The data provided by Flamingo will tell you when a hose needs to be replaced. No more unscheduled downtime.

With NFC technology and a specially developed app, our customers are able to identify and validate each hose within the company and view its usage history.

Eric van Leeuwen, Sector Manager at Imbema.


Are your documents a real headache?

Flamingo allows you to save all important documents in the cloud. You will never lose a document and the correct documents will appear on the screen of your tablet or smartphone straight away.

Food industry

“By carrying out a check with Flamingo, it is no longer possible to fit a dirty hose, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination at the filling machine to zero.”

Petrochemical industry

“Once we have implemented Flamingo, we have developed a usage history for each hose straight away. Now we know exactly when a hose needs to be replaced as a preventative measure.”


“Since Flamingo is in use, there has never been a spillage due to the incorrect hose being connected to the tanker.”

Want to know right away whether Flamingo will be of benefit to you?

Want to know whether the Flamingo app will help you to gain greater insight into your assets, to increase the speed of your processes, to improve safety in the workplace and to reduce your fleet’s downtime?